What Makes Pine Creek Transportation Service Stand Out

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About Pine Creek Transportation Service

We started our social enterprise in 2003 after our founder David Burnell was determined to embark on a new journey that would uplift his community. Based on his experience as a driver, he decided that non-emergency medical transportation would be a logical transition.

After covering all bases, all that was left was to choose a suitable name. Pine Creek is a beautiful creek near our office, and we felt the name couldn’t be more apt for our company. We frequently drove passed it, and it had a connection with our West Central Wisconsin clients.

The Pine Creek Transportation Service Difference

We take extra care when transporting clients, as most are attending a doctor’s appointment or are getting discharged from the hospital. Our vans are serviced regularly and equipped with wheelchair ramps and securements, which are also capable of carrying dialysis patients.

Apart from private pay individuals who require our services, we work with many insurance and state agencies. These include Medicaid, family care programs, medical transportation management, department of workforce development, and Iris.

All our transportation professionals have gone through a stringent ten-year background check, and are well trained. They are CPR First Aid AED certified and are qualified NSC defensive drivers, besides they are taught how to care for people with physical and mental disabilities.

Our team has a fantastic attitude and friendly manner, which raises the quality of our service. Being a smaller company helps us to take the time to build an exceptional rapport with customers. Besides, our golden rule is to treat others in the same way you would like others to treat you!

Sometimes our clients are not feeling good because of their medical condition, and we aim to make them smile and improve their mood. We have received an award for our service, but receiving positive feedback from clients and gratitude from their families makes us most proud.

Customers that are happy with our service keep coming back, and also refer us to friends, which has contributed to our success. Our vision for the future is to stay up to date with the latest technological changes so that we can continue to provide excellent services.

We also believe in giving back to society, and as part of that belief, we do on occasion transport a client who can’t pay. We also support The Wounded Warrior Program by transporting therapy dogs from the airport to a person in need.

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